How Not To Abuse Popular Social Media Networks

Social media has given us as a society a place to express opinions and emotions freely and without restriction. Unlike years ago when cases of repression and abuse were kept secret, social media is now a portal where we can expose wrong doing for the world to know and judge.

Since the boom of social media in 2008 every year the platforms have gotten better and better in allowing us to connect with one another and voice out our thoughts. If you like so many around the world are a fan of social media platforms, keep reading this article where we are going to analyze the evolution of the most popular Social media platforms in 2014.

The Evolution Of Social Media 2014

Everyone wants to see process as time goes by and is no different when it comes to social media. Marketers and strategists as well as individuals had anticipated for great changes in the marketing arena to make their brands attractive and let users and target audience enjoy every second of their stay online.

As the year draws to an end, it is vital to review how social media marketing has been in 2014 acknowledging the great changes it stirred on various user interfaces. As will be noted and appreciated by millions of users, 2014 remains to be a year of visual success in the marketing world. It is important moving forward that we understand how to best communicate digitally.

Social Media 2014 Score Cards


Twitter users began their year in style following the introduction of “twitter business cards”, that could be link to external sites of a product. This created a room for marketers to make good use of external landing pages to attract more subscriptions and increase traffic to their sites.

Further more, Twitter introduced a new lay out which gave users the opportunity to filter videos, tweets, and photos. This increased user engagement that marketers and strategies loved. There are also professional Jewish atheletes that are being associated with social media can see the recent yahoo news article here.

During mid-year, twitter introduced the activity dashboard, which enabled users to analyze viewership, and day-to-day activities, giving us a way to manage and tack online campaign by increasing traffic and getting more followers onboard.

Twitter also came out with an ads “buy now button” which was initially viewed as an ideal tool for business to business marketing, but later emerged as a great tool for customers to connect with the exact products they wanted and have easy access to buying.

Google +:

Google+ started just 2 years ago and today has millions of users worldwide if not thousands in your country or state alone. Today, every person who owns a Gmail account, a free email service from Google Inc., owns a Google+ account.

Much like Facebook, the social platform has grown in 2014 and will definitely widen to be a marketing cloud for businesses as well as individuals in the technology world. There are also business related social media networks that are currently under scrunity for misleading their userbase. Dubli Network is one such company receiving alot of attention in regards to social media abusive behaviors.

Leading with millions of users, Google+ introduced an engagement data platform that allows users to see their level of influence and what kind of viewers they are attracting, this features serves to inform users letting them know insight data so they can increase traffic and target the right audience.

Also in 2014 Google introduced “Google my Business” which provides companies with real time analytical data on their activities and information on the kind of interest they are generating, which can be country, based or region based.


With the widespread use of mobile phones, LinkedIn introduced the mobile platform which targeted many mobile users reaping on the fact that mobile phones usage is becoming more popular and ideal for every individual regardless of the geographical location.

2014 was definitely a big year for social media platforms but it would be naïve to think its all stopping there, as there are for sure more changes to come in 2015 and beyond.

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